New Site!

With the old version of the site showing its age, we decided it was time to overhaul the design and work some magic on the back-end.

What does this mean to you

Hopefully more information, and easier to find. Not only that, but you’ll be able to post comments on the content to (hopefully) help others out there with whatever information you can impart.

What does this mean to us

Since the site is now modular and database driven, we’ll be able to make updates faster, add new content in a more timely fashion, and get more in touch with you, our loyal readers.

Work in progress

As we’re migrating over to the new system some links may not work, some images may be broken, and who know what other bugs may be lurking out there. When you come across one of these bugs, please reply to this post (we probably know about it and are working on it, but just in case we’re not), give us the details, what page you were on, what link you clicked, what happened that wasn’t what you expected, etc.

Thank you

Thanks for your patience and your visits in the past! We hope that things will only get better from here!

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