What is Genealogy?

According to wikipedia:

Genealogy is the study and tracing of family pedigrees. This involves the collection of the names of relatives, both living and deceased, and establishing the relationships among them based on primary, secondary and/or circumstantial evidence or documentation, thus building up a cohesive family tree. Genealogy (often misspelled “genealogy”) is often also referred to as family history, although these terms may be used distinctly: the former being the basic study of who is related to whom; the latter involving more “fleshing out” of the lives and personal histories of the individuals involved.

What Surnames are in the Bigler Family Tree?

  • Bigler
  • Porter
  • Landis (Swiss)
  • Harley (Swiss)
  • Rinehart or Rinehard (Swiss)

What Surnames are in the Dobson Family Tree?

  • Dobson
  • Neves

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  1. Hi,

    Who are you? I hoped to see some of your family lines. Are you related to Jacob Garber or Samuel Garber? It seems like some of the contributions to Family Search have been submitted from you. My mother’s maiden name was Garber and my husband has just started to research this line. We are in Orem, Utah, but I grew up in Oregon. Are we related somehow?

    Lorraine Jeffery

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