Biglen, The town in Switzerland that the Bigler name came from.

When I was stationed in Germany with the military, I was able to go to Switzerland. In the town of Bern, most all of the people that lived there were Biglers.  while staying over night there, we were told of the town of Biglen. We went to the town of Biglen and met the minister of the only church in the town. He took us into the room where many records were stores back to the beginning of the town in 609 AD There was at this time no Biglers living in the town.

In my research I could not connect to  any of the Biglers. It was not until there was a book that was written on the history of the town of Ingelsheim, Alsace Loraine, France that I found the records of The Marx Bigler, his parents and children. In this book there were 3 generations of the family. I took the family group sheet of Marx’s Great-Grand parents Heinrich Bigler of 1612, that first came to the town of Ingelsheim, when it was not much of a town then, and sent it to a researcher who found the records back to  the first Bigler of this line that had a record, Uli Bigler. His  family records were made from the church records of the town of Muri Bein Bern, Switzerland.   There was no other records because when Uli lived there , there was no town, just farm land until his last 3 children were born and were christened. It was all that the researcher could find. I have a copy of the christening records which listed  Uli’s first children and Wife. These records are in German and translated in to English by a renowned  researcher. He sent to me the records both in German and English. It is this that I have put into my web site.

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  1. je suis un Bigler, le i est devenu u, mes ancêtres sont de montbéliard, je suis remonté en 1500 la branche uli (ulrich)mariage le 17 novembre 1567 à Worb, cependant je n’ai pas les actes des registres; je souhaiterais savoir si je peux avoir un contact, afin de les avoir vous enverrais mon arbre


    cousin bigler

  2. Michael Herbert Bigler is now a minister in Oklahoma. He was the survivor of a 1986 Edmond massacre in Oklahoma.

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