LDS Church and Family History Software

Many of you already know, the standard genealogy software for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been PAF (Personal Ancestral File). The software hasn’t seen an update in a long, long time, and most people have moved on to Legacy.

I just read a Church Memo: no future development is planned for PAF. Instead, the Church is developing an online tool that will enable you to import your GEDCOM file and use it online. They are advising that you do not import large GEDCOMs for various reasons. They do not plan to offer an “offline” software, but assure us that there will be 3rd party applications that will be enabled to sync with the new online tool.

No ETA regarding its public availability was mentioned.

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  1. Adessa Bigler says:

    Where can i get the software. i am edward bigler’s granddaughter. and i am doing a termpapaer for college on our genealogy

  2. Edwin Bigler says:

    It will be nice to be involved with you

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